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Your company’s web design needs are different from anyone else’s. Perhaps you have a site that you feel is ‘good enough,’ but it’s not the best it could be. Maybe you know you need a new site, but you’re not sure where to start. You could just be leery of making a site because another web design company made promises they couldn’t keep. Then again, maybe you don’t have a site at all and you’re toying with the idea of joining the web. 

If any of these sound like you, then you need quality web design that’s paired with persuasive online copywriting. Keep in mind though, web design from our partners (like Sparkem Studio and Page One Web Design) is much more than pretty pictures. It takes a creative team of designers, copywriters and SEO specialists to make sites that work and brand you as an authority. And for those of you still spending money on Yellow Book ads consider this…

Kelsey Research says there are over 20 billions searches made for local information every 12 months and that over 80% of U.S. households use the Internet to find local companies. As cell phones replace land lines, seven out of every ten shoppers are looking to the web for you before picking up a phone book. Eight out of ten! 

If your competitors have quality web sites, and you don’t, then guess who’s fulfilling your customer’s needs? It’s not you. Some small businesses mistakenly believe the Internet is only for global companies, but it’s created for your business too. It’s important that businesses realize that, without a strong web presence, they simply won’t survive in this new age. Plus, the web promotes your business 24/7 by answering your customers questions even when you’re asleep. You don’t have to understand all the ins and outs of web design to have a site. You can get a web site to woo local customers and the best part of all? You could be online for around the same rate, or perhaps even cheaper, than placing a Yellow Pages ad (where less and less people are looking today). 

Rev up your sales and save on advertising costs at the same time thanks to the web. Contact us today, free of charge, to discuss how the web, coupled with our SEO copywriting services and web site creation, can help you stay ahead of your competition. Consider our other services below or check out some of the sample sites that we, and our partners, have created over the years. If you like, you’re also welcome to use our our ‘fast quote’ form to discuss your project.