Many press releases get ignored by editors and reporters. The reason is simple. Business owners, and even some press release writers, don’t know how to write for the media. A press release is not a free advertisement. It’s free publicity. Editors hate ‘ads’… but they love ‘news.’ 

But in order to get to that step you need a press release writer such as Winters Productions that’s experienced, not only in sales, but in journalism too. This is fundamentally important if you plan on any success for your press release campaign. If not, then any release will go unnoticed and unprinted. 

Our past releases have garnered television and radio interviews or more in-depth trade interviews for our clients. We’ve helped clients earn hundreds of thousands in added sales. So while we can’t promise these same results for everyone, we do have the power to put a unique spin on your business and/or service if you allow us. 

So contact us today to learn how the right PR can take your company to the next level. Use our fast quote form or visit one of our other publicity and advertising services.