You’ve seen the ads… “Amazing, CHEAP Logo” and the ever popular “THIS WEEK ONLY DISCOUNT” 

Of course what they don’t tell you is one hundred other companies have their name on the same logo. The reason their prices are ‘amazingly cheap’ is they continue to resell the design over and over and over and… you get the point. If you want to stand out, then your corporate image is important. That’s where having a one-of-kind-logo is imperative. 

You won’t find cheap logos or cheap sales gimmicks here. Instead you’ll find amazingly affordable, original logos that won’t break your promotional budget. You’ll work with us and tell us what type of image you have in mind for your business. If you have no ideas, that’s okay too. You’ll simply discuss your business, favorite color and so on. From that point, you’ll have two mock-ups to choose from and two reworks of the chosen mock-up before being charged an hourly rate. That way you know the price with no surprises. 

Also, you’ll feel secure knowing that the logo created is yours and yours alone. Again, it’s not cheap… but it is beautiful and not too expensive to make your company special, so contact us to learn more or check out our other graphic services.