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Who Needs Marketing Copywriting?

You do. Your company might be the best in the biz, but if you’re telling people in the wrong way then being ‘best’ is pointless if you finish last. And yes, there are wrong ways to promote yourself… ways that other marketing copywriting companies simply don’t understand, because all they want is the quick buck. 

That’s why price isn’t everything, especially when it comes to finding American copywriters.  

Quality of the content and customer service matter too. Maybe you’ve outsourced materials to foreign locations only to have your marketing copywriting arrive in broken English. Rather than saving money you end up losing money, and time, by fixing someone else’s mistakes. 

With us, you’ll have affordable copy that’s created by an American Copywriter firm, who only uses North American specialists from the U.S. and Canada. And unlike some firms that are too busy to address your marketing questions, we’re happy to offer tips and suggestions when asked. 

Why? We know that your continued success is our success. 

Content wise, you’ll get two re-writes of any material before charging an hourly fee (although we’ve never had to do more than two changes for any client in all our years). Plus, all writing projects we quote are a flat fee, no hidden charges (like research fees, supply fees, etc.). You always know up-front what the price will be for any project and we write within 50 words of the page size you request.

As for our prices most average $0.22 per word, but can go as high as a few dollars. For example, you might need a web page of 250 words, which is a normal sized SEO web page. With Winters Productions, your page will be between 200-300 words and cost $55. It includes the meta-description, title tag and SEO keywords…you know, that search engine mumbo jumbo. That means a site of approximately 4 pages at these specs can be done for less than $250. So if you got a killer web site or brochure design but you need some American copywriters to market to your audience, contact us today for a no-cost, no obligation quote. If you like, feel free to use our ‘fast quote’ form to make it a bit easier.